The Egyptian authority of irrigation and hydraulic energy arrange in January of every year to maintain and dredge Esna lock. During this period, the Nile cruises modify their itinerary, beginning and ending at Esna lock. The contents of the program are carried out by bus. Sometimes, due to many boats Esna lock becomes congested and there are delays. If this happens, we will continue the excursions by bus, joining the boat later in the day.
Due to a weak tourist infrastructure in Egypt, boats and hotels are sometimes forced to work with a certain percentage of overbooking. If this happens with your clients, we will change the boat or hotel, respecting the same category, in which they had their reservations.
Since the 3rd of May 1991 Egypt has a new tax, called the added value tax. Everything you buy has a tax. Its wavering between 5 and 30 percent and will be added to the price. The high of the percentage depends on what you want to buy. In tourist places only 5 percent is usually added. Prices are marked as a net price with no taxes added. Tax will be added when the client pays.
Most hotels have international lines. Warn your clients that hotel room telephones are connected with a computer. This operator automatically after the fourth ring, you will be asked to pay the minimum, even if there was no reply. Prices are between 07 and 11 us dollars with a minimum of 03 minutes. Even if you call only 01 minute you will be asked to pay the minimum. It is better to call from the central or by phone card.
Like all other countries, tips are something normal, even if a little. The guests will be asked for tip 10 le per person for every night spent on a boat, the bus driver in Cairo 2 le per person, the guide of your clients 2 us dollars or the equivalent in Egyptian pounds for each day the guide works for them.If a guest is interested in having a camel ride then he will be asked to tip the camel man, almost obligated le 5 to le 10. All other tips are paid by CONTOURS Egypt.

A variety of things are specialties in Egypt, like cotton, silk, gold, silver, alabaster, copper, papyrus and leather. In many shops you are advised to bargain, aim at almost 40 percent of the first asking price. There is always an exception to the rule. For example: in papyrus institute with originals, prices are fixed, while papyrus in the street, not necessarily a good quality, is cheaper and can be bargained with. If the client is in doubt he can ask his guide. In Cairo you may also go to shops of international fame like Benetton, Stefanel, Joval, New man, Venti, Mex and Mobaco.

Something you will find in Egypt is to be safe everywhere in any time. If you face any problem, Egyptians help you by very gentle and gallant way. Most hotels and boats have safety boxes, free of charge, where guests can keep their valuable things. Most hotels and boats do not accept any responsibility if guests lost anything kept in their safety box.
Egypt is a country where domestic flights and tours are usually early in the morning because of avoiding the heat of the day.

Our system in CONTOURS Egypt for the convenience of our clients is to collect all air tickets for reconfirmation of departure from Egypt. We will retain the departure coupon and they will receive back only the cover of the ticket and any coupons for further journeys.
Usually guests leave their passports at the hotel reception upon check in. For stays in excess of 7 days the passport needs to be registered (hotel will care about it). Please do not forget the passport when you leave the hotel!
In most of hotels there is a car rental office, usually an international company. Guest is required to have an international license to hire a car in Egypt. Some of these companies also rent their cars like taxis with fixed prices. Also there are limousine services. They have fixed prices. Outside of every hotel are taxis and buses ready to take guests wherever they want.
Usual current in 4**** and 5***** hotels and other tourist places is 220v.
If luggage has to be in store at any time in the tour, it will be guarded well. Specifically at the end of a Nile cruise the luggage will be taken off the boat and store on the shore.

Normally, cabins are situated on three or four stores. Guides distribute cabins in a fair way, everyone getting to choose his number.