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Welcome to Taba hotels
The Taba Beach Resort is recommended for those who prefer to spend their holidays exploring the magnificent marine life and refreshing blueness of the Red Sea with its beautiful coral reefs. The place hosts a number of virtually unspoiled, awe-inspiring diving sites where both novice and experienced divers can be sure to find adventures that match and satisfy their diving skill capabilities. Taba Heights is a lovely beach resort, 20 km north of Taba, valued for its delightful pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and inexpressibly beautiful coral formations. The resort features quite a few contemporary hotels where guests can enjoy comfortable accommodations after a day full of adventures.
The facilities at Taba Heights are designed to meet everyone’s needs. The area offers hospitable beachside bars, cafes, haute restaurants, water sports facilities, swimming pools and artificial lagoons, training-centers, night clubs, health clubs, spas, childcare facilities, shopping centers, a casino, and a medical center.
Holidays at Taba Heights can be both relaxing and educational. Guests have a chance to visit Cairo, Alexandria, the Coloured Canyon, St. Catherine’s Monastery, and Pharaoh’s Island; and to enjoy boat trips, desert safaris, and walking tours. Exceptional services, a relaxing atmosphere, exquisite dining, and interesting entertainment options are all one needs to recover strength for another day of spectacular diving or sightseeing. The Taba Beach Resort is dedicated to maintaining its well-earned reputation as a high-class resort destination worth visiting.