Egypt Excursions St.Catherine



2 days excursion
A bus takes customers through a tunnel made below the Suez canal to famous biblical Sinai. They will have very beautiful colorful view of Red Sea. Before arriving to St. Catherine, they will have a few stops:
1st stop: Moses wells
2nd stop: Pharaohs baths
3rd stop: Firan oasis
Upon arrival you will start to clime Mount Moses, which is the heist peak in Egypt at 2641 meters. It is believed that it is the mountain where Moses is reputed to have received the Ten Commandments. Christians, Moslems and Jewish pilgrim come from all over the world to watch the sunrise from the summit. On a clear day you can see over all of Sinai and even to the sea. After descending from the mountain you will be able to visit the St Catherine's Monastery which is the oldest known, continually lived-in monastery in the world and is still functioning today. The Monastery houses around 22 Greek Orthodox Monks and a collection of Icons and library of scriptures second only to the Vatican in Rome.